What Is TRRC? Edit

TRRC Stands for Trigger Rally Rallycross Championship. The TRRC is mainly dominated by ArbusuG Racers. The season starts in late winter (US) and ends in early spring (Again, US)

How Does It Work? Edit

After every race period ends after 5 days. The leader to 4th place on that track gets points. 1st gets 4, 2nd gets 3, 3rd gets 2, and 4th gets 1. At the end of the season the points are added up, and the winner is revealed.

TRRC Side Events Edit

In the TRRC, rallycross gets boring after a while, so we add exciting side rallies that don't count to the season.

The Tracks Edit

The tracks have many twists and turns,and there is a shortcut 3rd lap.

Standings Edit

1: Jackson K - 7 points

2: Alternative Legalizer - 4 points

3: Janky - 3 points

3: Games Waterfield - 3 points

3: Colin Godwin - 3 points

4: Jose Zepeda - 2 points

5: Tim Nijsse - 1 point

6: Kids Widen - 0 points

6: Luca Shea-Green - 0 points

6: Andrew Travis - 0 points

6: Bastiaan Slappendel - 0 points